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Humana Health Insurance 2017 – Humana Obamacare

Humana Healthcare 2017 | HumanaOne

Humana Obamacare 2017

Humana Health Insurance will stop marketing Obamacare exchange plans in several states for the 2017 coverage and will exit many off-exchange individual markets as well, the company said in 2016. Please enter your zip code in the box above to see if HUMANA Healthcare insurance is available in your area. Humana further said its exit from selling individual coverage under the Affordable Care Act in several states will trigger a drop of more than $2 billion in Humana Obamacare premiums in 2017. Humana in 2017 will have an Obamacare health insuracne presence in no more than 156 counties compared to more than 1,300 in 2016. Across the country, Humana Obamacare 2017 will have some presence on public exchanges in 11 states compared to 15 this year.

Humana Health Plans 2017

Humana’s individual and family medical insurance plans include all the benefits the healthcare law requires. In addition, you get a plan backed by people who care about your well being.


HumanaOne is great for those who are a recent college graduate, early retiree, entrepreneur, or not insured through an employer. Flexible and affordable plans for individuals & family’s health insurance needs. Plans could help lower insurance costs and in some instances as low as 50% of your current cost. There are a variety of PPO and other high deductible health plans and then you can customize your plan with additional extras at additional costs. You get exceptional customer service with HumanaOne plans and knowing your plan is tailored to your unique needs helps give you peace of mind. HumanaOne brand of products Humana Inc.

HumanaOne Dental

HumanaOne Dental Plans are affordable and designed to meet different needs. They could be from dental discount plans to dental insurance – from single coverage to something that meets the needs of the whole family. With all of HumanaOne’s plans, you get access to a large network of dental providers. And best of all, there’s no underwriting. That means you can’t be turned down because of dental problems you have now – or – have had in the past. HumanaOne Dental Plan’s provider network has thousands of quality dentists and vision care doctors. No matter which affordable dental or vision plan you choose, you can count on professional, courteous care from your provider.

Humana is a publicly traded health benefit provider, one of the largest in the country. They have an enormous network connecting healthcare professionals. This includes over 350,000 medical providers and with more than 3,000 hospitals with almost 50,000 pharmacies within the United States.

Consumerism is the strategy used by Humana, this helps members achieve the best results from their medical health benefits. As a member, doctors and hospitals can be compared with performance ratings and pricing using online tools so you can plan your budget and healthcare expenses. This consumerism strategy helps you reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Because you have choices in your plan features, HumanaOne plans consumer driven health plans for individuals and families can lower costs by getting you precisely what you need. There are is a wide range of PPO and other high deductible health plans that help you choose an amount for your deductible and or your coinsurance level which helps determine a monthly premium which best fits your budget.  You can then add (extras) to your plan like dental benefits, prescriptions and drug coverage, supplemental accident benefits, term life insurance, etc. at additional cost.

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HumanaOne Dental Plan

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