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Obamacare Texas | Healthcare gov Texas

Texas Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period starts November 15, 2014 and will end February 15, 2015. You can get health insurance thru the troubled Health Insurance Marketplace. OR choose to buy health insurance from a major provider. Find the best deal for YOU:

February 15, 2015 is the deadline to get Texas Health insurance through the health insurance marketplace – or you can get insurance anytime on this site.

Obamacare Texas | Texas Health Insurance | Texas Obamacare Health Plans | healthcare gov TexasThe Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – health insurance plan allows any US citizen or legal resident from all states including Texas to apply for health insurance. The government created Health Insurance Marketplace is one place, but you can apply to major Texas health insurance companies directly and qualify for Obamacare. Use the box above to recieve free quotes for Texas Health Insurance.

Starting in 2014 most Texans MUST have health insurance. Or pay a fee on your taxes.

Texas Health Insurance Applicants

Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured in the country. 25% of Texans are currently uninsured, although the State will not run it’s own exchange. The federal Government will step in to run the exchanges to help insure Texans. If Texas implements all the provisions of ObamaCare 3 million Texans are projected to be insured through the exchanges.

You can apply through the government site or simply fill in the form on this site to get a list of approved Texas Obamacare providers and get quotes.

TX Health insurance plans will be available to Texans who can purchase insurance. Many may just qualify for federal subsidies as well to help pay for their monthly insurance costs.

Legal residents of Texas can look for, and buy health coverage that can not be denied or canceled if you are sick when applying or have pre-existing conditions.

By getting free Texas health insurance quotes thru this site you will be able to get financial assistance, compare a wide range of health plans from major health insurance companies – and be able to choose the right policy for you and your family.


The Health Insurance Marketplace in Texas.

As a Texas resident you will be enabled to purchase the exact same high quality healthinsurance policies from any approved health insurance companies, including those on the government site healthcare gov.

Now, for the first time Рyou can make real comparisons between available health plans mostly thanks to new standard  benefits laws designed to work for you, the consumer. Not for big insurance companies.

You can use tax-credits or cost sharing subsidies from the US federal government to reduce health care costs. These companies can assist small businesses (50 employees or less) provide affordable health care coverage to employees. If your business has less than 25 full time workers, you might qualify for additional tax credits. Saving more money.


Obamacare Texas | Texas Health Insurance | Texas Obamacare Health Plans | healthcare gov Texas