While the launch of the new website for healthcare.gov has gone smoothly in its second year there are 5 things the website gets wrong.

  1. Its still overwhelming–even though the website lets you see how far you are in the enrolling process its still overwhelming. It is still a long and frustrating process due to the amount of data that is collected.
  2. Bad filtering–If you try to filter your insurance options, the website will allow it, but there is no way to modify the filter without starting the process over.
  3. It is still impersonal–the new website process is overwhelming and impersonal compared to other online experiences
  4. The paradox of choice–the website lists 40 possible choices when looking for plans in your state. Because of this people become overwhelmed and make poor choices. A checklist or guided Q & A list would be more user friendly when it comes to selecting a provider
  5. It is all in Greek–the new website assumes that everyone logging in speaks the same language and not everyone is. The new website fails to provide definitions of fundamental terms, such as coinsurance or deductibles on the comparison view.