6.4 Million Americans enroll for 2015 Health insurance

The U.S. government reports that 6.4 million Americans have enrolled or were automatically re-enrolled into plans on the healthcare.gov website. This put the government at near their 9.1 million goal.

The 6.4 million figure also includes only policies sold in 36 states, which use the health care website. The remain 18 states, include New York and California, which have their own online exchanges and have begun to report data separately.

Out of the 6. million consumers who enrolled, about 1.9 million are new enrollees and 4.5 million are re-enrollments. Consumers who actively enrolled for a policy in 2015 accounts for the mid to high 30% range for re-enrollments.

The Obama administration set a December 15, deadline for consumers to actively select a new plan or to be re-enrolled automatically for insurance to start Jan 1, 2015. The enrollment period will end Feb. 15, 2015.