ACA and Women

Obamacare Health Insurance Benefits for Women

Obamacare Health Insurance Benefits for Women

The Affordable Care Act comes with many Benefits for Women

Obamacare Health Insurance Benefits for WomenWomen should now be glad that Obamacare is now alive and kicking. The passage of the bill was a watershed moment for Women health care provision. Not only does Obamacare make it easier and accessible for women to access quality health-services, but also eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender. Here are some of the key benefits that women are guaranteed under Obamacare:

Eliminates gender discrimination

Beginning 2014, the affordable care act makes it illegal to charge women more solely based on their gender. This will surely come as a relief to millions of women who have always faced the inevitable courtesy of other insurance plans. Better still, women who have “pre-existing” conditions will now get a relief and get covered.

Gives women control over their Health

For a long time, the health insurance industry has always limited the choice available for women. Thanks to the affordable care act, this will be a thing of the past. For example, women will no longer be compelled to get a referral from an obstetrician-gynecologist and they have now had more power in selecting a primary care doctor in addition to their child pediatricians from the provider plans available under the affordable care Act.

A peace of mind for Mothers

It is no brainer really, that there is nothing as important to a mother than her children. The Affordable Care Act enhances mothers peace of mind by stipulating that no child under 19-years will with a pre-existing condition will be denied cover. Better still, adult children are now covered by their parents’ health plans until they turn 26.

More preventive services covered

The Affordable Care Act covers more preventive services that could have otherwise been expensive if other routes were explored. Some of the preventive services covered include: Well-woman visits, mammogram check every two years, screening for gestational diabetes, Human papillomavirus testing, counseling for sexually transmitted infections, Counseling and Screening for HIV, breastfeeding support and counseling, and Screening and Counselling for both interpersonal and domestic violence.

A lifeline for women

The Affordable Care Act could not have come at a better time for women, there are a plenty of reasons to sign-up, the benefits outweigh the cons. Basically, it is a safety net for many women.

Obamacare Health insurance Benefits for Women