A Manhattan Institute, health policy predicts another confusing season with the  Affordable Care Act open enrollment period. The Affordable Care Act open enrollment will begin November 15 and will end in February.

This open enrollment period is for those who need or want health care coverage for 2015. Those who enroll, coverage will begin on Jan. 1, 2015 and they will have 30 days to finish their enrollment.

Paul Howard, the director for Manhattan’s institute for the Center for Medical Progress, does not foresee problems. He however; believes that this is going to be another confusing period, especially given the fact that you are going to have seven million people who signed up for coverage last year (for whom) the administration has set up automatic enrollment process. However, if something changes for these enrollees such as income, premiums, or family size, he or she will need to log back on to the site and find the best deal for them.