Open enrollment for individual health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, is coming up. If you are shopping, you are going to want as much information as possible.

Open enrollment for will begin November 15. This will be your chance to shop for the best coverage policy that fits your needs. The days when your old plan would roll over into the next year are gone. If you have received a letter informing you that your rates are increasing, and you do not think this is a good value, then shop for a new plan.

If you benefits in 2014 have not impressed you, then shop around. If you have been happy, but are still curious about making a better dealt, then you should shop. This may not have been possible before, and you might need some help with navigating the marketplace, remember that the ACA will no longer allow companies to deny you coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

This means that you may shop around for health care coverage the way you shop for other things in life. You will be allowed to register, sign up for accounts and browse health insurance plans through the website.