Choose a Health Plan Level that best fits your personal financial and health needs

Choose a plan that is best for you depends on how much heath care you need. If your needs are greater and you need to frequently go to doctors to aid in managing a chronic condition, then you will want to search for plans that offer lower copays as well as deductibles. But if your pretty healthy and don’t require a higher level of constant care you may better suited with a plan offering lower premiums with higher out of pocket costs when using your Health Insurance.

You have to keep in mind that you never know what might happen with your heath and opting to go with lower premiums is a risk if you find yourself need more care than you anticipated. Remember once signed up for a Health Plan you are then locked into that lever for the year. If you are at a lower lever like the bronze and silver, then find out you need surgery, you cannot change to a different plan that has a lower deductible.

There are plans outside the marketplace as well with different choices of benefits you may look into.