Confusing ObamaCares’, Medicare Supplement (aka Medigap) Plan, with the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Beneficiaries who are new to Medicare can find it to be very confusing, and are asking insurance agents about “Other Medicare Plans” on a daily basis.

Most beneficiaries asking the questions are confusing Medicare Supplement (aka Medigap), and the Medicare Advantage Plan, calling their current plan a Medicare Supplement Plan when they are actually enrolled into a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Supplement is NOT a Medicare Advantage Plan, and it is very important to know that the two plans work in very different ways.

October 15 through December 7, is the enrollment period that offers beneficiaries a one time opportunity to request changes in their health plans. It is during these dates that beneficiaries must study the differences between a Medicare Supplement Plan, and a Medicare Advantage Plan, or seek advice from a local, qualified, trusted agent who can inform the beneficiaries about the plans available to them.