Enrollment deadline for January 1, 2015 coverage is Dec. 15th

Monday the 15th is the last day for consumers to enroll in individual health care coverage beginning January 1st.

The healthcare.gov website is the only place consumers can receive and apply for tax credits, which will help them pay their premiums. Those who have enrolled last year will have to re-enroll on the healthcare.gov website.

Open enrollment for Obamacare will continue until Feb. 15, 2015. As of Dec. 7, 2014, 26,933 people sign up for coverage on the healthcare website. During the 2013 open enrollment period 68,570 consumers enrolled and paid his or her coverage. About 77% of consumers received financial assistance.


If you are not able to enroll in coverage under Obamacare by the end of the open enrollment period you may face penalties. The penalty will be 2% of your household income and will double. In 2016 the penalties will increase to 2.5% of your household income so it will get very expensive.