Americans will start to enrolling into health insurance coverage online beginning on November 15. This time around, the site, which allows consumers to enroll is expected to work and is passing all tests. However, there are a few questions that are still be asked.

Will the website work when you log in?

Government officials say that the website will be up and running within a week. They said the website will work this time around but may be a tad slow if several people log in at once.

When can consumers enroll into a plan? open enrollment to enroll in a new plan or change current plans will begin on November 15th and will end February 15, 2015. But, consumers must be enrolled for coverage by December 15th if they want to make sure their plans starts by January 1, 2015.

Do consumers have to wait until November 15 to begin?

American may prepare their applications ahead of time, however they cannot officially enroll until Saturday the 15th. To get a running start on the paperwork, use the get ready now option the website.