Health Insurance Changes in New Mexico

The clock ticks down as New Mexico is confronted with a future of uncertainty for the subsidized health care insurance exchange while the state will begin to accept its rate requests for 2018 from the insurance providers.

About 55,000 people rely on New Mexico’s exchange and Thursday the Office of the Superintendent of insurance has opened a 10-day period allowing insurance companies to make revision for their 2018 rates or to bow out of the New Mexico State run exchange.

For insurance under the ACA “Affordable Care Act” people shopping for insurance may see higher prices and few choices in many regions of the country next year.

Insurance companies in New Mexico have been left with no choice but to guess as to whether subsidies for out of pocket expenses as with copayments will be continued under the federal government.

It is unclear whether Donald Trump’s administration will require taxpayers to keep and maintain their health insurance or if they will pay a penalty.