Healthcare enrollment still needs work

Sylvia M. Burnwell, Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services announces that  health care enrollments are off to encouraging starts, but a lot of work is still needed in order for 2014 open enrollment season an successful one.

Ms. Burnwell announces 1.9 million new consumers have selected polices through the website as of December 19. The website serves 37 states.

Another 4.5 million Americans have renewed their current plans, with the majority automatically re-enrolled. These numbers however; do not include the states who are running their own insurance enrollments.

Ms. Burnwell said on Dec. 23, that the Obama administration will release a full 50 state report in the coming weeks.

With the website running smoothing, the Obama administration has set the goal of 9.1 million Americans signed up and pay for their premiums in 2015.

Open enrollment will end Feb. 15, 2015.