best week sees 1 million new enrollments

More than 1 million consumers have used the website to enroll for Obamacare coverage in the seven days ending December 12, which us the best week yet for sign-ups in the act’s second year.

While 1 million Americans have enrolled in coverage the website is still no perfect. While there is a huge improvement over last year, the website has not been perfect. The Obama administration  acknowledges a few minor issues over the past weekend, when hundreds of thousands of consumers rushed to met the Dec. 15th deadline to enroll for coverage that will kick on Jan. 1st.

About 1.6 million Americans called the help lines between December 10th and December 12, and fewer than 500,000 were routed to the automated system, which invited them to call back.

Enrollment for Healthcare under Obamacare will end on Feb. 15, 2015.