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2020 Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2019 and ends December 15, 2019.

HealthsourceRI Open Enrollment Period ended on January 31.

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2020 Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2019 and ends December 15, 2019 to get Rhode Island Health insurance.

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Health Source RI: The Marketplace in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Health Insurance MarketplaceHealthSourceRIcom is the official health insurance Marketplace in Rhode Island – where you can compare health insurance rates.

Health Source RI Com

For many years, Rhode Islanders have been accessing health insurance through private companies, which in most cases charge higher for their services than what most people can afford. This trend has left many citizens without health insurance, or with no option but to use the highly priced packages. However, with the introduction of the affordable health care system, things have changed. Most, if not all Rhode Island citizens can now afford a private health insurance at affordable rates.

At HealthSourceRI.com, each citizen has the power to choose a health plan that fits his or her medical needs. The resource is a one-stop shop for individual citizens, families and small business owners to shop and make comparison on various health insurance options that are available, and select a health plan of their own choice. If you are a resident of Rhode Island, Health Source RI provides you with adequate information regarding on how to choose the right plans, premiums and how to go about the enrollment process. Whether you enroll as an individual or as a family, you will have the opportunity to explore available options for individual and family coverage, learn more about the basics of a health insurance plan and tax credits, and get the right tools to assist you with important calculations.

Helping you to choose the right health plan is one of the objectives of Health Source RI. You need to know that the health plan you finally choose is connected to the monthly premium you will be paying. Other factors to bring into the picture before you choose a health plan include deductibles, co payments and coinsurance costs. Your monthly premium contribution depends on several factors, which you need to understand clearly. That is why Health Source RI was created to provide residents with adequate information and in-person assistance on how to go about selecting the right health plan. In Rhode Island, the amount of premium you pay monthly depends on your age. If you enroll as a family, the rate is determined by the family size. Selected individuals or family members may also qualify for some financial assistance through the Health Source RI.

With hundreds of health care plans to choose from, many citizens may find it difficult to select a plan that reflects their needs. As such, the Marketplace is equipped with tools such as online calculator to help them do necessary calculations into their savings, costs and premiums. The FAQs section exists to answer some of the most important questions that members may ask. Other tools that are available for users to explore include the Glossary of terms, where members can get the meaning of different terms they find difficult to comprehend. By enrolling through the Health Source RI, you show that you belong to the state of Rhode Island, and you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of affordable health care.


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