There are five factors that could affect your Marketplace plan prices. Plan category, location, family size, location, and tobacco use. Gender and your health status do not affect pricing.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies may take into account only five things when they set premium costs.

  • Age: Older people may be charged up to three times more for premiums than younger people.
  • Tobacco Use: Insurers may charge tobacco users up to 50% more than non-tobacco users.
  • Location: Where the enrollee lives will have a big effect on their premium. Cost of living, competition, and
  • local regulation account for this.
  • Family vs. individual enrollment: Insurers may charge more for plans, which cover dependents and/or spouses.
  • Plan category: Plans will be available in five categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and catastrophic.

These categories reflect how you and your plan will share costs. A bronze plan will have higher out-of-pocket costs but will have lower premiums. Platinum Plans are likely to have the lowest out-of-pocket costs and the highest premiums.