The website, which allows Americans to sign up under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, has report that the website as been revamped as the second enrollment period looms. However, things are still complicated since some major provisions of Obamacare is taking effect for the first time. Some of the program and website changes that are ahead are: with the old site there where 76 online screens to go through while filling out the application. On the new site there are only 16 screen to go through. But, a third of new customers can expected to have complicated cases. The new system has also been created to withstand last years peak loads and beyond, at least 125,000 simultaneous enrollees. There will also be a shorter enrollment season, that will last only three months, from November 15th to February 15th. Another thing that has changed in the new website are the fines for remaining uninsured. The fines for staying uninsured in 2014 are $95 however; if you remain uninsured for all of 2015, your fine will be $325.