Initial Enrollment Period Is Important For Coverage Of Pre-existing Conditions.

If you are thinking of enrolling in Original Medicare, you have what is considered your, Initial Enrollment Period. That period is the ninety days before your 65th birthday, your birthday month, and ninety days after your birthday month. It is this period of time that you will want to examine a Medicare Supplement Policy.  Why?, … because you are guaranteed coverage without any underwriting during this initial enrollment period, meaning, the insurance company can not disqualify you for pre-existing conditions. After your initial period ends, the insurer can still sell you a policy, but has the legal right to quiz you on your health status; you could be charged higher premiums, or be denied the purchase of certain plans.

Think of your Medicare Supplement as you would a long-term investment; looking fifteen years ahead, choosing a plan that will serve you thoughout those years.

You always have the option of switching or canceling plans as time passes, but you may discover that such actions could be quiet costly.