Iowa & Obamacare

While states wait for Congress to fix Obamacare, Iowa is done waiting. So, goes the nation as with Iowa and that it seems to be the conventional wisdom during the presidential elections and so we hope this same rule will apply to the healthcare reform.

A new law was signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds which will take advantage of a major loophole found in Obamacare. Based on similar legislation in Tennessee, this enables Iowan’s to enroll in a health benefit plan that is sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau. The plans are not subjected to Obamacare’s regulations for premium inflating due to a technicality.

This reform is a credible attempt that would give the consumer an alternative to affordable plans for sale on the Obamacare exchange. Other states may be able to liberate residents form financial burdens cause the law by following Iowa’s lead until Congress can make good on promises to repeal and replace this law.

The mandates presented by Obamacare have across the country made health insurance all but unattainable. A long list of essential health benefits must be covered in Health insurance policies which include a wide spectrum form pediatric dental services and maternity care to substance abuse treatment. Many patients who don’t want this type of comprehensive benefits do not have any choice.

It’s the same as forcing everyone who comes into your restaurant to purchase a 3-course meal that includes deserts and appetizers even when they only want a cup of soup.

Additionally, Obamacare almost impossible for the insurers to keep costs down and mange risk. Under the law it is prohibited for an insurer to charge any more than 3 times the amount for those who are older and sicker than they would for someone younger and healthier. Insurers are required to accept even the severely ill who are guaranteed to cost more than what ever could be collected in premiums.

Contently raising premiums are a result of insurers having to compensate for the higher costs causing premiums to more than double since 2014 when the Obamacare marketplaces opened.