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About the Kansas Health Insurance Exchange

Kansas Insurance Marketplace 2020 Open Enrollment runs from November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019.

You can get healthcare insurance thru the Kansas Insurance Marketplace during open enrollment.

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Several options are available for individuals and families in the Kansas health insurance marketplace. Because of the ACA “Affordable Care Act” Kansans without access to job based health insurance coverage have many was to purchase health benefits which will qualify for minimum essential health coverage.

Kansans options for purchasing health insurance plans are found in the state’s federally facilitated exchange or apply through public programs like Medicaid and CHIP. Health insurance is also available with the private market place through websites allowing you to enroll in ACA compliant coverage.

On October 1, 2013, the Affordable Care Act began its first open enrollment period. Kansas then defaulted to a federally facilitated health insurance exchange allow those in the state of Kansas to purchase through its federal Health insurance Marketplace. To qualify for any premium tax credits or cost sharing reductions; your plan must be purchased through the marketplace.

Kansans not qualifying for any Obamacare subsidies can consider plan options that are available to them through the private marketplace. Additional plans may include minimum essential coverages, short term health insurance, dental plans, and supplemental health plans or Medicare supplement plans.

SHOP – Small Business Health Options Program – this is available for employers who have 50 or less full-time employees so they can offer health insurance through SHOP.

Kansas – Medicaid Expansion:

Kansas hasn’t expanded the Medicaid to the single, low income adults yet. The criteria for eligibility is set by the state. More info can be found at kdheks.gov

Kansas CHIP

DHCF (Division of Health Care Finance) is responsible for the purchasing of health services through the Medicaid program for children and pregnant women, those with disabilities, aged and elderly. The Medicaid program CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program and MediKan program that is state funded. CHIP