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MA Health Connector 2019 Open Enrollment Period

2020 Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2019 and ends December 15, 2019.

The MA Healthconnector OEP ends January 31, 2020. You can get health insurance through the Marketplace, OR choose to buy health insurance from a major provider.

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MA Health Connector | mahealthconnector org facts:

MA Health Connector: Transforming the Face of Health in Massachusetts

With the new Healthcare reforms in the U.S, every citizen is entitled to improved and affordable health care.

The program is implemented throughout the nation by state-run agencies to ensure that each member of the respective states gets adequate health services under the new plan.

Massachusetts Health Insurance Marketplace | MA Health Connector Org | mahealthconnector.orgMA Health Connector org is the official agency in Massachusetts to implement the new health reforms in the state. If you are a resident of Massachusetts, you can now log into the official website to get all the information you need to be covered.

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Known as Massachusetts Health Insurance Marketplace, the agency offers all the citizens an opportunity to benefit from the new health care law.

All Massachusettians should enroll through the agency, which offers them Health and Dental coverage through the State’s leading insurance service providers. Once you register through the MA Health Connector, you have access to tools and resources that make it easier for you to shop, compare and select a health insurance plan that can work for you and your family.

The Marketplace unveils all the available options for you to select from, and you are able to know what plans, prices and savings you are eligible for. In fact, under the new health care system, your health coverage is in your hands, and you can be covered as soon as January 2015 when coverage takes effect for members who will have enrolled by December 15, 2014. In Massachusetts, the Health Insurance Marketplace is fully equipped with the resources to cater for individuals and families, as well as businesspersons who would like to get coverage for their employees.

Apart from the Dental and Health coverage for individuals and families, MA Health Connector has initiated a Business Express Program to enable small business owners with 50 or fewer full time workers to get the Health and Dental benefits from leading insurers in the State. The brokers, who are ready to assist the employers to find suitable health and dental plans that suit their employees’ needs, simplify this process. Since its launch, MA Health Connector is up and running and better equipped with new website features to avail new health plans and new ways for more Massachusetts residents to save on insurance and better their lives.

What to expect from MA Health Connector

With its new and detailed features, there are loads of information and advice for individuals and families in Massachusetts. With a click of a button and you have access to downloadable applications, worksheet and fact sheets to use as an individual, family or business. Adequate information regarding health and dental carriers such as coverage area maps are available to assist you in making proper decisions. The new health care reforms come with lots of benefits for the nation, and Massachusetts being the leading state with the highest rate of insured members, is set to benefit greatly from its implementation.

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