Millions Lose Health Insurance Under Republican Bill

CBO – Under the Republican bill, 23 million would lose their health insurance.

A budget watchdog agency said by 2026, 23 million people were could lose healthcare coverage while also de stabilizing the health insurance market in some of the states making it hard for Americans to purchase insurance. This all because of a bill passed by the U.S. House Republicans.

The CBO “Congressional Budget Office” which is a non-partisan group whose experts then analyze U.S. legislation had said this bill cause a reduction in federal deficits by $119 billion between the years 2017-2026.

This report may be the ammunition that Democrats need to back their claim of accusing President Donald Trump and the congressional Republicans for putting the sick and the low-income Americans at risk because of these efforts in rolling back the 2010 health care law put in place by President Barack Obama, formally known as ACE; the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare.

Trump promised to repeal the ACA claiming it is too costly along with Republicans who have worked to undo Obamacare since passage stating it’s an overreach by the government into the healthcare market. Yet some republicans whom have doubts about the new bill and started to craft separate healthcare legislation.

One controversial amendment put in at the last minute would give states the leeway allowing the state to drop a Obamacare requirement that force insurers to charge the same insurance rates for both sick and healthy people.

Then yet another change allowing states to make decisions on whether they will require insurers to cover healthcare benefits like maternity care or prescription drugs which under law are currently required.

CBO reported the amendment would make it so people in poor health would find it difficult if not impossible to purchase a comprehensive coverage plan in some states. It would make so those with preexisting conditions ultimately would not be able to purchase health plans for comprehensive non-group at any premiums under the current law. CBO also markets could then become unstable for individuals buying insurance plans in some states should they choose to waive the Obamacare requirements.

About 20 million Americans gained insurance with Obamacare making many Republican senators cautious of healthcare bill version presented by the House for fear it would unravel Obamacare to quickly.

Most of the individuals would lose coverage currently subsidized by Obamacare taxes use for private healthcare coverage. It would roll back Medicaid health plans for the poor and the disabled replacing it with law’s income-based tax credits used to buy medical coverage using credits based on age.

In coming months, a group led by Senate Majority Leader mitch McConnell comprised of 13 Republican senators are expected to be drafting its own healthcare bill version. McConnel said he doesn’t know who Republicans can obtain the necessary vote.