ObamaCare Enrollment Falling Short Of Predicted Numbers.

ObamaCare isn’t meeting enrollment expectations because, except for low income earners who receive the largest subsidies and lowest deductibles, the insurance plans that Obamacare is requiring people to buy are unattractive.  Unless they have pre-existing conditions, the value simply isn’t there for middle-class Americans.The seven million enrollee shortfall that Obamacare is experiencing is a direct result of trying to force people to buy health insurance, but offering prices and deductibles, that are too costly.  Even with the increasing ObamaCare tax penalties, it’s still not worth it for middle-income earners to sign up for unaffordable ObamaCare plans.  (ObamaCare Law authorizes the IRS to take your income-tax refund, but, the ObamaCare law forbids the IRS from garnishing your wages or putting a lien on you if you do not pay the tax penalty for not purchasing an ObamaCare health plan.)

Low enrollment figures are a futher indication of the importance of seeking local, professionally trained insures to assist in tailoring a personal, more-affordable, ObamaCare policy.