Obamacare Problems

Obamacare Healthcare Gov Early Problems

Obamacare’s website healthcare.gov had some issues in 2014. These days the site seems to work ok.

Fall of 2014 news – just for historical purposes:

People can’t log in, and experience long waits. The other issue is that even when they get through – they have to fill in all their personal information BEFORE they can shop for health insurance.

There is a better way. Here, simply by submitting your zip code and age you can start shopping for the SAME health insurance plans. And possibly get a better deal.

Obamacare Healthcare Gov ProblemsFeds to dump CGI from Healthcare.gov project

Contractor that built troubled health care site will be replaced by Accenture amid growing frustration over pace of repairs, report says Computerworld – The Obama Administration is set to fire CGI Federal as prime IT contractor of the problem-plagued Healthcare.gov website, a report says.

The government now plans to hire IT consulting firm Accenture to fix the Affordable Care Act (ACA) website’s lingering performance problems, the Washington Post reported today. Accenture will get a 12-month, $90 million contract to update the website, the newspaper reported.

Since its launch in early October 2014, Obama’s Healthcare.gov website has been plagued with bugs, errors, and issues that have frustrated its users. The idea was to let Americans easily shop for insurance plans, but the reality has been a bit more complicated.

In a recent blog post, the Department of Health and Human Services laid out many of the technical problems that have plagued the Healthcare gov website.

In spite of the code for the front end of the site has been relatively stable, the back end has had myriad issues with regard to account creation – including sending incorrect information to participating health insurance providers.

To improve the site HHS is promising a “tech surge” that will involved outside consultants joining the existing team to fix healthcare.gov’s problems.

The HHS also says it will “aggressively monitor and identify parts of Healthcare.gov where individuals are encountering errors” so that it prioritizes those areas.

It is important to note that those who are already covered by private insurance, Medicare (65 years and older) or Medicaid, are not affected by the new law. You may wish to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance, which helps pay for health care expenses Medicare will not cover.

President Barack Obama said today that the administration is working with top private tech companies to resolve the numerous technical issues with Healthcare.gov, the website where Americans are supposed to be able to purchase insurance under the new Affordable Health Care Act.

The international telecommunications company Verizon has been tasked with helping the government fix the federal health exchange. An informed source in the telecommunications industry said Verizon’s Enterprise Solutions division has been asked by the Department of Health and Human Services to improve the performance of the HealthCare.gov site, which is a key component of the Affordable Care Act. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not been made official.

Some key testing of the system that runs www.healthcare.gov did not take place until the week before launch, according to an inside source. As late as Sept. 26, there had been no tests to determine whether a consumer could complete the process from beginning to end: create an account, determine eligibility for federal subsidies and sign up for a health insurance plan, according to two sources familiar with the project.

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