The Obama administration announced on Dec. 4, that the average monthly cost for health care coverage in 2015 will increase to $222 or about 2% for a 27-year-old.This figure represents the average premiums for a second-lowest-cost silver plan that is the benchmark plan, which is used to set subsidy levels.

Maine, one of the 35 states who are using Healthcare.gov, monthly premiums for their benchmark silver plan largely held steady, which is a 2% drop on average before tax credits, which help eligible Americans to afford his or her coverage. Families of four and who are earning $60,000 in Maine will be faced with monthly average of $407, in 2015.

Healthcare.gov open enrollment started on Nov. 15 and will end on Feb. 15, 2015, so far 350,000 Americans have chosen plans for 2015.