Obamacare Public Option is being backed by 33 Senate Democrats

Democrats are calling for a Public Option including Sen. Jeff Merkley Democrat form Oregon. Right now 33 Democratic Senators have chosen to back a public option that falls under Obamacare. This was previously called by Obama, Hillary, and Bernie though insurers have been pushing back while the Republicans have control over congress.

The Republicans and insurers, as well as left democrats have historically pushed back opposing any public plans that could possibly compete with private plans.

With that said, having major insurers abandoning customers it’s difficult to justify not allowing another competitor into the marketplace. Better yet a public option is not a single payer and does not stop competition in the private market.

This is a centered solution that has been long overdue being shot down over and over again which includes discussions had over the ACA.

Having a national public options would be stepping beyond the current state based plans that 1332 allows which many of the state Democrats had fought for in 2008 – 2009.

Having a public option that would be extended to all the people and not exclusively based on income could really do wonders. To be able to roll Medicaid and your private plans into a single plan as well as allowing higher income beneficiaries helping lower income beneficiaries by paying full price then having 12 months of continuous coverage without worrying about drops. It’s letting the public create a plan that works and allowing the plan to then compete with private plans. The arguments will continue as responses form Republicans and insurers chime in.

One conclusion back in 2013 was that a public option could reduce the federal budget by as much as $158 billion through the year 2023.