Obamacare sign-ups surge to 1 million

Obamacare consumers shook off his or her Thanksgiving meals comas last week and started to enroll at a much quicker pace on the HealthCare.gov website, which has sold 1.38 million coverage plans.

The upsurge in enrollment comes in advance of Dec. 15th’s deadline to enroll in a health plan that will go effect on January 1, 2015.

The federal Obamacare marketplace had 618,548 people selecting insurance plans from Nov. 29th through Dec. 5th, the third week of the ongoing open enrollment period.

That is slightly more than double the number of sign-ups seen on the HealthCare.gov website the week before, which included the Thanksgiving holiday, and which had a dip in sign-up from the first week of enrollment.

The total number of consumers who selected plans on Dec. 5th was 1,383,683. These consumers was split nearly evenly between Americans renewing coverage, or 52% and the remaining 48% begin new customers. For the enrollment to go into effect, consumers must pay his or her first month’s premium.