How much does Obamacare Cost?

So how much is the cost of Obamacare?

The question what is the “cost of Obamacare?”

Currently there is an estimated cost for Obamacare “net cost” of $1.2 trillion dollars by the year 2025. Included in the cost is Obamacare’s the major insurance related provision without accounting for all the costs curbing found in the law.

As part of the insurance related provision in the law; 6 out of 10 Americans may get coverage for $100.00 or less when shopping on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The average plan can cost only $82.00 after the Premium Tax Credits in 2014. This low-cost trend has continued generally each year because of how the premiums have been capped based on your income.

2020 healthcare spending pre- and post- aca

Obamacare Costs – 2020 Healthcare Spending Pre- and Post- ACA

  • As of the date March 2015, the Obamacare net cost has been projected to be $1.2 trillion covering the years 2016 – 2025 period.
  • This cost came down from $1.35 trillion as of January 2015 showing a represented reduction of 7% in April 2014.
  • This net cost included the coverage provisions such as Marketplace subsidies and the expansion of Medicaid, CHIP, and the Employer tax credits.
  • Revenue previsions are also included as part of the net cost. For example Penalty payments, excise tax and some other taxes.
  • Other reforms were not included in the net cost and which will continue to contribute to the downward trend in our healthcare costs. This includes many of the Medicare related reforms. While Medicare spending is calculated separate within the budget projections, Medicare does include the greater majority of the ACA “Affordable Care Act.”
  • In 2015 healthcare spending, had grown and its slowest rate on the record since the 1960’s; partly due to the ACA.

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