Obamecare then and now

There is no doubt, that open enrollment for Obamacare is running smoothly this year. Since Nov. 15, 2014 the healthcare website has made few headlines expect when President Obama touts its number of sign-ups so far.

It is a far cry for 2013 open enrollment when the website launched to major issues. Here is a look of Obamacare, then and now:

Then: Obama administration blames traffic for the issues

Now: Obama administration touts the improve Healthcare.gov

Then: 6 Americans enrolled on Oct. 1, 2013

Now: 100k Americans submitted applications on Nov. 15, 2014

Then: The exact number of enrollees was not known

Now: HHS: 500k Americans sign-up for coverage in the first week

Then: Polls show more consumers views on Obamacare were unfavorable

Now: Polls show half of consumers dislike Obamacare

In December 2014, polls showed that 41% of Americans support Obamacare whereas 50% dislike it.