SLCSP 2016 Premium Tax Subsidy Caps for a by Percentage of Household Income

SLCSP (Second Lowest Silver Plan) is what Premium tax credits are based on in any states Marketplace. Here is a simple chart showing the percentage of a household income, minimum and maximum a person will then pay for that plan. What you have to pay is based on your household income as compared to the federal poverty level, and then it’s adjustment is based on the plan price chosen.

These 2016 rates “subsidy caps for SLCSP and 2016 coverage” as shown/seen in the IRS Bulletin 2014-50  are as follow:

Household income – percentage of Federal poverty line:Initial %Final %
Less 133%2.03%2.03%
At minimum 133% less than 150%3.05%4.07%
At minimum 150% less than 200%4.07%6.41%
At minimum 200% less than 250%6.41%8.18%
At minimum 250% less than 300%8.18%9.66%
At minimum 300% not more than 400%9.66%9.66%