Tech firm brings ACA help to enrollees

Sometimes the consumers who need healthcare coverage are the ones who are least likely to sign-up. This is one challenge faced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency who is responsible for administering the ACA.

To meet their challenge, the HHS is looking to Silicon Valley for help. Last week they announced an innovative collaboration effort with tech firms,, and PayNearMe to bring important open-enrollment information to hard-to-reach and low-income communities.

Sylvia Burwell a secretary for the HHS said that these innovative programs will help reach Americans where he or she with the information he or she needs to re-enroll or sign up in quality, affordable care on the healthcare market place

Until Feb 15, 2014, when open enrollment ends, every Paynearme receipts printed at local convenience stores nationwide will include encouragement to explore tax benefits, new plans on the healthcare website, and upcoming enrollment deadlines.