The question that is on everyone’s mind is that when Obamacare’s second open enrollment starts in November and nobody shows up? This is any eye-opening scenario according to a poll. This poll shows that a very large percentage of Americans without health care coverage remain unaware that open enrollment for new individual plans will start in November.

According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that nine in 10 uninsured Americans did not realize that open enrollment will begin in November.

Two-thirds of the uninsured Americans said he or she knows nothing at all or a little about the Affordable Care Act website in which they can buy health plans, often with the aid of subsidies.

More than half of the uninsured people, 54% did not know that the federal subsidies are available to people with moderate to low incomes.  According to this poll’s findings regrading the uninsured reveal that the hurdle for reach the main goal of the Affordable Care Act, getting the uninsured to sign up, may be higher this year.

Even after more than a year of outreach efforts and media stories regrading Obamacare. As of September, about 42 million people remain uninsured.