What are Grandmothered Health Plans?

Many policies that are not grandfathered in; policies that had effective dates before 2014 yet after March 23rd 2010 are still exist. They don’t have to be fully ACA compliant and were initially scheduled for termination and were to be replaced with ACA compliant plans on their renewal date in 2014.

Then announced by the Obama Administration in March of 2014 these plans could now be renewed until October 2016 as well as stay in force up till September 2017 without being fulling compliant with the regulations set by ACA rules.

Grandmothered plans also known as transitional policies abide by some of the regulations set by ACA like the ban on annual and lifetime limits for any of the essential benefits yet coverage offered before 2014 could stay basically the same.  Grandmothered plans were allowed to be renewed again for 2016 by 35 different states and most will allow it to be as late as September 2017.